About Us

What is the Sello Blanco Program?

It is a visibility strategy to publicize, promote and highlight the work carried out by MSMEs, to link themselves to the markets, through a consumer social responsibility approach, in this way to be able to demonstrate the contribution they make in the preparation of world-class products that reach final markets nationally and internationally.

General purpose


Position products from small producers that have quality and are marketed in markets local and international, guaranteeing the origin and production, through communication and awareness strategies to generate consumption responsible for the purchase of Guatemalan products.

Specific purpose


Contribute to the economic development of small producers, in order to contribute to their quality of life, through the dissemination and promotion of their products. Strengthen producers allowing them to expand the marketing of their products both nationally and internationally, telling a story that reflects the efforts of each initiative linked to a productive chain.

Ensure product distribution nationals giving guarantee on the functionality and quality in order to create a trusted channel with the final consumer.